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Dice Games

Roll and Count

Use a regular six-sided die. Roll and count the dots as quickly as you can. This helps build number fluency.

To increase the challenge, add a second or third niece and count on from the largest number to find the total.

Roll and Collect

Roll a die and collect that many items (such as toys, blocks, LEGO pieces, fruit, etc).

Roll and Count on to Ten

Roll a six-sided die and count on from the number rolled to ten (or other chosen number).

Roll and Count (Two People)

Play with a partner. Each person rolls a die and the person with the greatest (or least) number wins a point. First person to 10 points is the winner.

Card Games


Use a regular deck of cards and play Snap! Each person takes turns turning over a card until two cards with the same number are placed on top of one another. The first person to snap the deck wins the cards in the pile. Repeat until one person has all the cards.

Alternatively , play with Snap! occurring when there is a card one greater/less than the card already in the pile.


Using two suits of cards, lay all cards face down on the table or floor. Each player takes a turn to turn over two cards trying to find a match. If a player finds a match, they collect the two cards and have a second turn. The winner is the player with the greatest number of matches at the end.

The Greatest Number / The Least Number

Divide a deck of cards into two piles. Each player turns over one card from their pile. The person with the card with the greatest number wins a point. Record your points on a piece of paper or whiteboard using tally marks.

Alternatively, play the game with the winner turning over the card with the lowest number.


Practice verbally counting from zero to 20 in order (or to whichever number your child can accurately count from memory).

Play ‘What’s the number before/after, one smaller/one bigger, one more/one less than ….. (between zero and 20 or zero and 10 if your child finds counting to 20 to be difficult). If your s/he can count in sequence to a higher number than 20, play the ‘before/after’ game up to that number.

Make a hungry ‘ Monster’ (or an Easter Bunny; Alien; Crocodile; Transformer; Dinosaur; Unicorn; Fairy) out of cardboard and a box; take turns to throw small items (scrunched up scrap paper/blocks/balls/uncooked pasta pieces) into the mouth, counting as you go. When you miss the mouth, it’s the other person’s turn. See how many you can get into the mouth before you miss it!

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